Hit the peaks in our bubble, a unique activity in the Grand-Est

ACRO-BUBBLE is a unique activity in Grand Est. Invented in the 90s by two New-Zealanders, Acro-Bulle consists in racing down the hill in an inflatable PVC bubble of 3,5m in diameter.

Acro-Bubble can be practiced by adventurers of all ages, whether on grass in the summer or on snow in the winter. Two people can take place inside a bubble. Buckled up with proper security systems, all you have to do now is to roll downhill and feel the rotations of the bubble, just like if you were in a washer on the spinning mode!

Totally safe, Acro-Bubble is suitable for all family and a great activity to do for a birthday, a celebration, or a bachelor party for example.

16€ for 2 people
10€ for 2 people with a course.

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