Frequently asked questions

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  • Where can we park?

    You can park on the free parking of La Gentiane (same parking as for winter slopes). This sparking doesn’t belong to the park. We trust you to keep it as clean as you would like to find it.

  • How can we pay?

    You can pay with cash, credit cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

  • Do you have lockers or cloackroom?

    We have lockers where you can put your valuable items. Nevertheless those are quite small lockers, so we encourage you to let useless things in your car.

  • What should we wear for the activity?

    We highly recommend you to put on a sporty outfit, that you can get dirty. Don’t forget to bring proper shoes: sneakers or hiking shoes (flip-flop and sandals are forbidden). If you want to wear gloves, you can either bring your own (for example biking gloves), or buy them at the park. For sanitary reasons, we don’t borrow them. The rest of the equipment is provided by us.

  • What happens once we’re at the park?

    Once you bought your ticket, our staff take care of you by providing you the proper equipment and guiding you through all activities.

  • Is booking mandatory?

    For safety reasons, we limit the number of participants in the park. It is not mandatory to book your ticket, you can call us to know how many visitors there are.

    Nevertheless, booking is highly recommended for groups over 10 people.

    Tips : in summer, come at the opening, at 10 am.

  • Do we have to do all courses once in the park?

    No you don’t, but to begin you have to start with the initiation course, and a green course. Then you are free to do any course you want in the park, following your formula.

  • Are children authorized to come to the park on their own?

    If your child is under 15, an adult responsible for him is required to supervise. The adult can practice as well, or stay on the floor.

    If your child is over 15 years old, he can practice on his own by showing a written and signed parental consent.

  • Is the activity limited in time?

    No, our formulas are unlimited, you can do the courses as many times you wish (exceptions can be made for groups).

    Side activities can be limited, according to the formula you chose.

  • How high are the exercises?

    The high goes up gradually, from 1m to 25m.

  • How athletic should I be to come to the park?

    Everyone with a regular physical condition can come to the park. We have courses with various difficulty levels. Pretty much everyone can have fun on our green, blue and red family courses. Only red adults and black courses are dedicated to the boldest ones, and require a little muscles.

  • Can I go on the courses with my kid?

    On courses from 1,3m, you can practice with your children. On Pandas courses though, only children can practice, you stay on the ground to supervise them.

  • Is it allowed to bring a picnic in the park? Is it allowed to come in the park without practicing?

    Entrance is free for accompanying people that don’t practice. The park is fitted with landscaped paths, picnics tables, benches… Everything has been thought to make everyone have a good time.

  • What if it rains?

    Courses can be practiced even by wet weather, therefore rain does not necessary means that the park is closed.

    If the weather is very bad, the park may be closed: just call us before coming to make sure we are open!

    Nevertheless, the park Management team can decide to stop the activity because of bad weather (storm, strong wind…). If getting back on the courses is impossible, we offer you to come back the day after to finish your activities.

  • Can we come with a dog?

    As parts of nature, of course dogs are allowed in the park. Nevertheless and for the safety of everyone, they should be on a leash.

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