Gorillas courses

From 1,3m tall, our gorilla courses will bring you on top!

Difficulty : from EASIEST to the HARDEST

Minimum height : 1,30 m

Lowest platforms : 0,5 m

Highest platforms : 25 m

Duration : 3 hours on average

If your child is under 15 years old, an adult (practicing or not) is required to supervise him. If your child is 15 years old or older, he can practice on his own, but a written and signed parental consent is required at the entrance.

By going up to 25 meters high, even the bravest ones will be thrilled. And for some additional chills, don’t forget to try our 150m long zip-line: goosebumps guaranteed!

From 16€ to 23€, following the age and the chosen formula.

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